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Interested in becoming a member of our unique global professional network?

Personal Membership

You are a management support professional working at management or executive level, with a corresponding diploma, degree or working experience in our profession.

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Business Membership

We welcome companies and business professionals such as hotel chains, stationary suppliers, travel agencies, recruiting firms, and trainers, speakers, HR consultants, etc.

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You will have access to:

  • an international professional and personal network
  • lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops
  • experience exchanges with your peers from outside your own industry
  • the latest trends and development of our profession
  • the culture and business life in all the member countries

If you are not based in South Africa, you can apply for membership in your own country, if you see the country on the list of member countries - press the Globe next to the menu top right. You automatically become a member in the country where you live - right now we have more than 20 member countries. We also have individual members in Bosnia, Kenya, Lithuania, Malta, Nigeria, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine where there is currently no IMA organization.

If you have questions about joining as an individual member, please reach out to

IMA Membership

Membership of IMA enables you to develop close working relationships with colleagues and peers, whilst strengthening your abilities to gain an insight into the Priorities, Needs and Requirements of Senior Management you assist daily.

    Membership Packages

    IMA South Africa has various membership packages at affordable rates ranging from Individual Professional Membership to Company Group Rates.  For further inquiries contact any of the National Committee members for details.

    Membership Subscription

    Your IMA membership is an annual subscription. Shortly before it is due for renewal we will send you a reminder confirming details of subscription fee and the date it is due.

    Become a Member

    Invest in your own Personal Self Development and become a member of the international management assistants network of choice.

    • Promote your personal brand within our community and by writing articles and insights for our website.

    • Meet peers and colleagues by attending our events

    • Through networking and interaction learn and further develop and enhance your soft skills

    • Attend IMA South Africa professional development training events at discounted member rates

    • Participate at discounted rates in two annual international conferences held in different member countries.

    • Receive the IMA e-Newsletter twice a year.