IMA - Our Mission and Vision

IMA - Our Mission and Vision

IMA - Our Mission and Vision

IMA Vision and Mission Statement

Be the leading international network of Management Support Professionals * by providing high quality development training * by promoting knowledge sharing * by encouraging interaction among the members * by monitoring the development of our profession * by speaking up for the profession

How we Work

We are a Non-Profit organisation originally registered in Paris. Now also present in South Africa and registered as IMA South Africa npc (2017/585475/08) We take privacy and professional ethics to heart. Please read our Privacy Policy Notice and Code of Conduct.

IMA Governance

Our members control the business of the Association during their presence at the Annual General Meeting which coincide with our annual IMA International Conference.

An elected committee within each of the National Groups ensure the IMA day-to-day administration of the National Groups.

The Council is the consulting and policy making body of IMA.

The Executive Committee is the Executive body of the Association.

Central Secretariat

Our secretarial services are executed by: MOS - Motivation Office Support

PO Box 1858 NL 3860 BB Nijkerk The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 33 247 34 71

F: +31 (0) 33 246 04 70