Happy holidays

Seasons Greetings!

Dear colleagues,

As 2021 draws to a close I'd like to thank your for your support during the past year.  On behalf of the National Committee  we express our sincerest gratitude and  wish you a safe, peaceful and joyous festive season, and a new year filled with promise.  

I am also pleased to share a message below from the Executive Chairman of IMA.

Corrie Fourie
National Chairman

Greetings from Nina Aunula

Dear friends,

In uncertain times you discover who and what is important. The people and places that come to mind have the power to always infuse you with happiness and hope, no matter the circumstances. For us in the Executive Committee, our network and each member's well being is always on our minds and close to our hearts.

We wish that your days be filled with joy and happiness. That you may feel at peace with yourself and the surrounding world, and secure in the knowledge that you are not alone. And that soon, very soon, we will see each other again.

We also wish to thank you, all members, all partners and stakeholders, for being there at the heart of our association! 

Best wishes 

Nina Aunula
Executive Chairman IMA

#Weareinthistogether. #IMAisyournetwork